B-Evolution-Ateliers de la Chapelle

A superb project entitled B-EVOLUTION now adorns the reception area of our workshops. This woodwork is the work of our talented apprentice Martin Rétif, who has just graduated at the top of his class in BTMS – design and production of contemporary furniture.

B-EVOLUTION is an evolutionary wood panelling that enhances the know-how of the Ateliers de la Chapelle.

Upon arrival, the visitor interprets his or her own reading of it. It continues and becomes more refined, astonishment arises. The evolution can be imagined chronologically, technically. The material evolves, the return to the raw material is expressed, it links the past, the present and the future. The shadow cast by the light projects immaterial roots. Reading invites itself and imagines itself in two directions.


B-Evolution détail-Ateliers de la Chapelle


Louis XVI style panelling in French oak, traditionally assembled on the left side. Evolution towards cabinet making on the central part. The oak panel is then connected with a Japanese paper panel.

The mouldings represent the evolution of the work. We start from a raw piece, which is reduced to a rectangular section, and end up with a machined moulding representing an 18th century decoration.

B-Evolution is a project that is both audacious and respectful of traditional know-how and materials, perfectly reflecting the values carried by Les Ateliers de la Chapelle.

Congratulations to Martin for this creation !