The Ateliers de la Chapelle workshops were established in 1969 by Yves Gilbert.

Today these workshops consist of :

a joinery workshop that specialises in making bookcases, parquet flooring and wood panelling, a restoration workshop specialising in the restoration-preservation of antique architectural decor, parquet, church furniture and public furniture made from solid or veneered wood, a cabinetmaking workshop, an ornamental and statue sculpture workshop and a research and design office..

There are 45 highly qualified employees along with apprentices who are also trained here.

Appreciated for their conscientiousness, expertise and know-how, the Ateliers de la Chapelle workshops operate all over France (more particularly in the Ile de France, Brittany, Pays de Loire, Centre, Auvergne and Aquitaine regions) and overseas (America, England, Switzerland, Germany, and more) for individual clients, architects, ornamentalists, local authorities, museums, and so on.

In 2011, they obtained the distinction of Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company).

Other than the usual mechanical means for working with wood, the company also boasts :

clean, bright and secure workshops with a total surface of 2,750 m2, three humidity controlled strong rooms for storing works of art, a 800 m2 closed and ventilated warehouse for the storage of solid wood (approximately 220 m3, of which half is French oak and the rest is fruit tree timber or rare wood), a stock of various veneered woods, a stock of antique locks and a vacuum drying room.