Collaboration with contemporary artist Régis Perray

Abbaye de Maubuisson – Contemporary Art Centre

The flowered abbey

October 4, 2015 to August 2016

Personal exhibition by Régis Perray


The manufacturing workshop had the opportunity to collaborate on the creation of three works by contemporary artist Régis Perray presented at Maubuisson Abbey (Val d’Oise) as part of the exhibition entitled The flowered abbey.



Go round in circles – The track to skate

Circular track composed of 16 inlaid panels decorated in their center with a stylized flower


Collaboration avec Régis Perray-piste à patiner1 © Romain Gilbert



In process



Collaboration avec Régis Perray_piste à patiner2 © Romain Gilbert




Régis Perray at the centre of his creation in our workshops






The Cistercians

Tribute to the deceased Cistercian sisters: casing in fir enhanced with a inlaid flower symbolically placed on the ground at the place where the nuns rested..


Les cisterciennes croquis préparatoire © Régis Perray



  Preparatory sketch © Régis Perray

Collaboration avec Régis Perray_Fleur marquetée © Romain Gilbert





Inlaid flower






La chapelle Sainte Vie

The artist imagined two models of a chapel, one closed and the other open, where a tree of life sculpted by our sculptor is presented.


Collaboration avec Régis Perray-Arbre de vie © Romain Gilbert



Tree of life in the process of being carved


Collaboration avec Régis Perray_La chapelle Sainte Vie © Romain Gilbert






Models in progress





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