Furniture from the Salon Louis XV, treasure of the national library in the spotlight on France 5

Médaillier du Salon Louis XV de la Bibliothèque Nationale - Ateliers de la Chapelle

Since last June, our workshops are fortunate to host the furniture of the Salon Louis XV of the National Library of France.

Intended for the conservation and presentation of medals from the royal collections, this exceptional piece of furniture created by Jules-Robert de Cotte in the 1740s, consists of eight medal showcases on console tables and a large leather-covered work table. Two large medal showcases on a table made on the model of the ancient furniture came to complete this set at the beginning of the 20th century.


Le Salon Louis XV - Bibliothèque Nationale de France


The wall light consoles and the oak work table are richly carved in the rocaille style. The royal cartouche stands next to garlands of flowers, gadroons, ribboned rushes, lion’s heads… After resuming the assemblages, which had been weakened by time, our sculptor endeavoured to restore the numerous gaps in the decoration in order to restore the legibility of these compositions of remarkable quality.

As for the medals show cases, it house about a hundred flat drawers veneered with amaranth wood, each of which has been carefully revised and stabilised.

Discover this magnificent ensemble in the report produced by the channel France 5 entitled: “The treasures of the National Library of France”.