Les Ateliers de la Chapelle workshops were established in 1969 by Yves GILBERT, cabinet-maker.

They bring together 5 complementary activities forming an homogeneous unit capable of addressing all the furniture directory, the great French decors and works of art joinery:

The Creative and Fabrication Workshop specialized in design and implementation of wainscotings, large French style decors, bookcases, furniture (civil, religious, museum, contemporary), exceptional interior and exterior joinery sets, parquet flooring, …

The Restoration Workshop specialized in preservation and conservation of antique architectural decors, parquets flooring, furniture (civil, religious, museum, monumental) made from solid or veneered wood, …

The Cabinetmaking Workshop specialized in fabrication of contemporary furniture on behalf of designers, decorators and interior designers, …

The Sculpture Studio specialized in restoration and copying of ornaments from the 15th century up to Art Deco,

The Consulting & Research Department specialized in research and conducting preliminary studies for the restoration of joinery sets, large French style decors, woodwork decorations, furniture (civil, religious, museum, monumental).


Les Ateliers de la Chapelle employ about 50 highly skilled professionals (and permanently train apprentices) constituting à multidisciplinary team including:

Skills of enthusiast carpenterscabinetmakersrestorers and sculptors,

Expertise of art historians and heritage specialists,

Creativity of designers and draftsmen.


Known for their reliability, their expertise and know-how, Les Ateliers de la Chapelle operate in France and abroad, on behalf of private clients, architects, local authorities, curators for Historical Monuments, museums, etc. Exports account, depending on the year, between 30% and 60% of the activity.



Les Ateliers de la Chapelle are a company of the Aurige group, the French leader in the restoration of heritage and historic buildings. A fully family-owned group, its mission is to preserve, restore and enhance architectural heritage. Aurige owes its rank and reputation to its unique know-how and its ability to offer excellent craftsmanship.