Restoration of the rood screen of the collegiate church of Lamballe – the press speaks about it

Jubé de Lamballe-détail-Les Ateliers de la Chapelle

Since last November, our team has been at the bedside of the rood screen of the collegiate church of Lamballe (Côtes d´Armor). Preserved in the south transept, this exceptional quality carved oak work separates the south aisle from the liturgical choir of the collegiate church.


Jubé de Lamballe-façade-Les Ateliers de la Chapelle      Jubé de Lamballe-revers-Les Ateliers de la Chapelle

It consists of a fence, arranged between the two pillars, closed by a single-leaf door, and topped by an overhanging tribune with richly decorated railings, resting on a ribbed wooden vault. The organ case stands on the gallery, which can be accessed by a spiral staircase on the east side of the rood screen.

Stabilisation of the sagging parquet floors of the grandstand, replacement of woods altered by excessive humidity, restoration of gaps in the carved ornaments and resumption of previous clumsy interventions, this is the task our restorers are working on, as reported in the following article published the 13 January in the newspaper Ouest France :


article Ouest France Lamballe-Ateliers de la Chapelle