Interior renovation of the saint-jean-baptiste church in montaigu-vendée

Publication date
21 February 2023

Closed since January 2018, due to structural weaknesses, the church of St. John the Baptist of Montaigu has reopened its doors after 5 years of work.

Our workshops had the pleasure to participate in this ambitious project.

Much more than a restoration, it is a real reorganization of the church which was carried out in order to optimize the comfort of the users and to improve the accessibility.

The restoration

Entirely rebuilt in the 19th century, the church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste has preserved its neo-Gothic furnishings, including a confessional, a pulpit, pews, stalls and woodwork.

The whole was removed and restored in our workshop. The pews and the confessional, altered by use and time, required a major structural revision and restitutions.

New facilities

The most spectacular aspect of this project is undoubtedly the gallery created above the entrance to accommodate the organ, which was previously kept in the choir. The metal structure of this gallery was entirely covered with woodwork and a new buffet was built to accommodate the positive.

On either side of this development, monumental fences with clerestory and four-lobed glass openings with double sashes and transoms with four-lobed decorations were also installed. They house a sculpted bust of St. John the Baptist.

At the North and South entrances, the drums have been refurbished to allow access for people with reduced mobility.

In the choir, the woodworks were completed to fill the empty space left by the organ.

Entirely realized in a traditional way in solid oak, these decorations required more than 10 000 hours of work.

Thank you to the commune of Montaigu-Vendée and to Mrs. Marie Pierre Niguès, architect of the heritage, to have trusted us for the realization of this project.