The Hermès Foundation publishes , “Savoir & faire: le bois”, a magnificent book, dedicated to wood in all its forms “from the history and geography of forests to the use of nanoparticles of the wood”.

In chapter: Matter and techniques: yesterday, today and tomorrow, Cécile-Gilbert Byl, art historian, manager of the restoration workshop and responsible for preliminary studies, wrote two articles.

The first one dedicated to the restoration of the altarpieces of Bordeaux :

    Savoir_&_faire_le_bois-Actes-Sud-Restauration des retables de Bordeaux 1     Savoir_&_faire_le_bois-Actes_sud-Restauration des retables de Bordeaux 2

The second, dedicated to Romain Gilbert, highlights contemporary cabinetwork

Savoi_&_faire_le_bois-Actes_Sud- Réalisation d'un cabinet


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